Brook Forest Entertainment, LLC. is owned and operated by married couple Barb and Steve North. Founded in 1985, the company has been involved in comedy development and production for 30 years, and branched off into management in 1994. The North's are no strangers to acting and comedy. They best help their clients by drawing on their years of experience in every aspect of the comedy business. Kelly Reagan works with Brook Forest, heading up their New York office. Lynette Trinh holds down the fort in the LA office.

Beginning as actors and a stand-up comedy team themselves-- Barb and Steve toured comedy and folk clubs and appeared on over 30 networks and syndicated television shows in the late 70's and early 80's- then their career took them behind the camera.

Writing and producing, the North's were Head Writers of the late 80's rendition of The Gong Show and wrote or produced for many others including Candid Camera, Make Me Laugh, Bachelor Party and Switcheroo. They worked in development, created shows, and sold formats of shows they created in the expanding International market of the early 90's.

Over the years, starting in the mid 1970's, the team had taught comedy and improv and gave seminars. Beginning, in 1989, Steve privately coached stand ups, helping them write their acts and finding their comedy voices. Also, Barb coaches comedians in acting while Steve coaches actors to do comedy. The pair created workshops so that beginning and experienced comedians could get support, feedback and a safe place to grow comedicly-- to try things out.

"Some of our students were getting so good and needed management. We had experience in so many aspects of the business both creatively and business-wise, not to mention years of relationships built, so we sort of fell into it. We've been there and we know the pitfalls." In the early management years, the North's still had their own manager, who has since passed away. "We used to introduce him to our clients as their Grand Manager." Barb explains. They soon transitioned as a full service talent management company with a roster of amazing comideians, actors, writers and hosts.

Kelly Reagan is a Daytime Emmy nominated television writer/producer with over 10 years of experience in comedy. She has a quick wit and creative mind. She has a passion for comedy, and entertainment. She has worked in production for various comedy festivals.

Jessica Valler is a graduate of Columbia College Hollywood who joined the company in the summer of this year. She is a pink haired, observant, hard-working writer and story developer who enjoys being part of a company that makes people happy.

It's been over 30 years now and Brook Forest Entertainment is going strong. They offer something unique: creative AND business support. Though the North's work side by side; Barb takes care of a lot of the business and emotional support while Steve, who coaches hundreds of beginning and working comedians, offers much of the creative support. Lynette covers much of the administrative work for the company. Kelly services our talent developing work opportunities in New York and scouts new talent on the East Coast. It's a winning team.