When you think about it, Corey Roberts is just plain funny.    Perhaps that’s why he’s been called a “Thinking Man’s Comic”.  Equal parts charm and subversion, Corey grew up in college towns and says he went to Berkeley to learn how to conceal couch stains and draw dirty pictures on sleeping faces. “My college degree has really come in handy. I use it to cover the hole in the wall of my basement apartment.”

Corey is a triple threat…   Writer, actor and comic.  He performs standup comedy at clubs all through the west, and is a  two-time finalist in the L.A.’s Funniest Comic Contest.  He has been seen on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and he was a writer for several hilarious shows, including   Playtone Productions’ Barry Sobel Show .  You may have seen him racing through the desert as the face of ToyotaCare or laying down the law as a Talk-and-Text Enforcer for Orange Mobile.   And this season, was featured in two television pilots, “Hot Lips” and “Galaxy of Comics.”

In his stand-up act, Roberts has advice for every situation;  from dealing with single life,  to decoding social conventions :  “If you want to win a fight, don’t spend your life in the gym, just start the fight at Whole Foods—most of those people are pacifists.

Corey Roberts is on the rise, and a force to soon be reckoned with.  And now living in Hollywood, Corey hasn’t stopped learning: “I’ve found that girls aren’t impressed if you send over a drink. You need to send over a set of car keys and a puppy.”  Corey's website is www.coreycomedy.com